Introducing Stak, the latest agile F&B furniture system
from Craster.

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The innovative new system offers an
ideal combination of F&B buffet and events furniture
in a single system to reduce hospitality inventory
across properties.

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Deliver agile luncheon buffets, mass
catering, moveable grab-and-go displays and back bars
within the Stak system.
Intelligently designed around the Gastronorm footprint,
the Stak System shelves are crafted with discreet raised
edges to secure trays from the Craster Flow range. The
perimeter of each shelf grips two 1.1 or four 1.2 trays, with excellent locked fit for ease of transportation. Stak is
engineered for easy assembly, with locking pins to angle
and carry each shelf.


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Developed with a rigid steel frame, shelves may be
placed and angled at any height within the structure.
Robust, discreet wheels enable back of house setup
before movement to front of house in a single push.
Shelving units can be bridged together at any height to
create large, continuous displays across interiors.

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[range_1_text] Shelving Units
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[range_2_text] Bridges
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[range_3_text] Cable Management
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[biography_text] The Stak range forms the new backbone of a flexible, agile F&B events platform to use across properties day and night. 
[biography_by] Alex Craster, Founder

Comprised of cylindrical metal frames compatible with a variety of serving top solutions, the range enables creative display with elegance and poise.

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