[hero_description] From hotel meeting rooms to shared co-working areas, conference and event spaces are evolving to be an integral part of the hospitality sector.
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[intro_col_1] Craster are a key provider of conference and event tables to both the high end hotel sector and contract catering arena.
[intro_col_2] We work closely with clients to curate their event space, ensuring the perfect table system solution is delivered. We offer a range of table systems, blending function with form to create a seamless aesthetic with unrivalled back of house functionality.
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[block_1_title] LINE

Line is a unique folding table solution at the fore of space design, combining single-person setup and antimicrobial surfaces with a residential aesthetic.

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[block_2_title] RISE

The Rise Table System has been intelligently engineered to support a responsive, modular service that is both beautiful and effortlessly assembled.

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