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Craster's mission is to create beautiful, intelligently designed products that enable our clients to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Intelligent Design. Exceptional Experience.

[what-we-do-title] WHAT WE DO
[innovative-system-title] Innovative Systems and Solutions

Hospitality is at the heart of what you do. We are here to support you to transform spaces and experiences from the intimate to the extravagant with our platform of flexible product systems designed with operational requirements in mind.

Centered around easy-to-curate, multi-use product, our ranges are informed by our collaborative approach with hospitality professionals, ensuring the product that you select has been informed by industry experts.

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[meet-our-team-cta-url] https://craster.com/careers
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[ethos-title] ETHOS
[transcending-sustainability-title] Transcending Sustainability through Craftsmanship

We value quality, longevity and craftsmanship. We believe that designing products to last the rigors of the hospitality industry can have a big impact on both the environment and your operations.

We are committed to our sustainability pledge which will allow us to deepen our embedded practices of sustainably sourcing materials. Our method of creating products that transcend normal wear and tear in natural materials passes on the green origin of our products for lifetimes.

[transcending-sustainability-cta-label] Discover our ecological commitments
[transcending-sustainability-cta-url] https://craster.com/sustainability/
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[heritage-title] HERITAGE
[our-history-title] Our History

From our beginnings as a Cambridge-based joinery making hardwood trays, to our current robust portfolio of solution-led systems, we design to solve problems and select the right material to deliver exceptional quality across hospitality environments.

Our role is to create solutions that work behind the scenes to ensure consistently seamless customer experiences, just like your team does. The long-standing partnerships we have built with many of the world’s top hospitality brands prove our dedication to playing this part.

Today, people value meaningful, memorable experiences more than they do material things, and the hospitality industry is at the very forefront of trading in this experiential economy. The systems used by those looking after their guests need to deliver increasingly flexible and beautiful solutions as the industry responds to dynamic taste changes.


As we continue, in tandem with our talented partners, to create and refine these solutions, we deliver on our promise to create exceptional experiences and reinforce the bonds that make up the ecosystem.

Craster is a supplier to many of the world's five-star hospitality venues including Four Seasons, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton Worldwide, IHG, Kempinski and Equinox hotel groups, Alain Ducasse, Smith & Wollensky and Soho House restaurants, Selfridges and Westfield retailers and Google, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and LinkedIn contract hospitality sites. Craster is also a supplier to The Royal Household.

Working with us never ends at delivery; our relationship continues as long as our natural materials serve you. We are always open to closer collaboration through our bespoke product offering.

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[bespoke-cta-url] https://craster.com/design-studio/product-design/
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