[who-we-are-sub-heading]  PRODUCT DESIGN & SPACE CURATION
[from-london-heading] Craster Design Studio

The Craster Design Studio is a team of experienced industrial designers and developers. We focus on product creation and space curation for the hospitality industry. The studio is borne out of collaborations with key clients with the intent to create innovative and intelligent solutions. We derive our inspiration from the collaboration itself, the quality of materials, best practice design methodologies and achieving functional excellence.

[product-design] PRODUCT DESIGN
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[product-design-heading] Combining Client Collaboration & Bespoke Manufacturing Expertise

In the fast evolving landscape of premium hospitality, the best brands compete to deliver truly unique guest experiences. We help our clients to navigate a dynamic hospitality market and to differentiate themselves by creating products that deliver experiential moments that stand out. Leverage our design expertise and small, excellent manufacturing partners.

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[product-design-cta-url] https://craster.com/design-studio-product-design/
[space-curation] SPACE CURATION 
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[space-curation-heading] Craster PLAN Space Planning and Curation Service

The Craster Design Studio a creative partner in some of the world’s most ambitious luxury hospitality projects. The latest space planning innovation is PLAN, a service developed by Craster that allows users to set up any space with the product collection, generate interactive 3D renders, share their ideas with collaborators and access product lists in real time. Craster interiors specialists assist you at every step of the way.

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[space-curation-cta-url] https://craster.com/design-studio-space-curation/

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