[hero_description] Agile and lithe, the new Fare trolley system is the cornerstone of an innovative next chapter in hospitality.
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[body_col_1_text_1] A configurable distribution and display system, Fare operates with discretion in multiple F&B and catering scenarios across a property from morning to night. 
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[body_col_1_text_2] Masterfully crafted to last and impress, the Fare range offers customisable finishes in natural oak, natural walnut, black timber and antimicrobial laminates in both 3.1 and 2.1 sizes. Fare shelves are demountable and reversible, extending the lifetime of operations in your space.

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[body_col_2_text_1] Inbuilt with flexibility, Fare bridges intuitively connect trolleys at any point on their perimeters, enabling horseshoe bars, inline presentations and creative zig-zags that can be set up and moved in a single push. Speed rails, push handles and cutlery pots also pop into Fare trolley perimeters for added agile functionality. 
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[range_1_text] Trolleys
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[range_2_text] Bridges
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[range_3_text] Accessories
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[biography_text] The Fare range was created through close collaboration with hospitality professionals to offer dynamic, agile service for flexible F&B environments.
[biography_by] Alex Craster, Founder

Flow consists of stacking trays available in natural walnut and white-washed, black lacquered and natural oak, with plinth tops available in glass, marble, and wood, with stainless steel or black powdercoated frames.

intro image
intro image

Flow's interchangeable and stackable components offer versatility to tailor your display and allow for efficient replenishment between front and back-of-house, with new innovations regularly being added to the range.

Using a gastronorm footprint, Flow allows you to build a custom, creative buffet display by simply selecting a gastronorm size, frame, and top. Accessories are also available to make displays unique, including heating or cooling units, label holders, and lid liners.

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