Hotel des Grands Voyageurs Paris

Nestled on the leafy, groovy Rive Gauche in Paris’s VIeme lies the Hotel des Grands Voyageurs. Make no mistake about the name, this quiet and refined property is for travelers who take their stays seriously.

Popping through the lobby, you will be more than forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled back in time; Hotel des Grands Voyageurs is an homage to the golden age of transatlantic steamships. From the discreet lacquered wood walls to low-profile furniture and lighting, Paris’s sandstone and limestone exteriors pale in comparison to the warmth of old-world travel. Designer Fabrizio Casiraghi’s touches can be seen throughout, with thoughtful and delicate surprises around every corner.

The delicate warmth of the hotel interiors delight guests at every turn. To match the property’s vision of recreating cuisine experiences in the vein of transatlantic travel, Craster curated a collection of signature products to enhance the space and ensure a timelessness that will survive in this Paris property.

Craster’s hardwood products offer our guests a refined, unique serving experience. Our back of house team rely on the quality and durability of the timber Craster use to provide exceptional guest touchpoints time after time.

Mari Szutenberg, F&B Manager

Signature Craster Cake Stands and Flow Trays in classic North American walnut fit discreetly into the luscious interiors of Hotel des Grands Voyageurs. Allowing plenty of space for the stunning interior to speak for itself, the natural hardwoods in Craster product tie together a symphony of colour stories. Each Craster piece adds to the harmony of guest experience.

Charcuterie displays sit atop Craster cooling units while natural walnut trays carry collections of breakfast breads in the property. The timeless elegance of Craster product fits seamlessly into the aesthetic of the space while the hardwood material means the Hotel des Grands Voyageurs cuisine team rely on their durability for years to come.

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