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Our Team and Values

Excellence is in our DNA. At Craster, we are creating a culture that celebrates difference, welcomes imagination and offers the freedom to take initiative all while fostering ambition.


Our Culture and Development

We are a collective of people who, above all else, love creating connections and delivering excellence. Every one from our product designers to our financial controllers cares about the future of hospitality's ability to host convivial meals, drinks and events. Our shared passion for excellence drives our team to be the innovative backbone of Craster's edge in the market while our ambition fosters continual growth within the company.

We are here to support and encourage you throughout your journey with Craster, helping you to reach your full potential.



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[our_values_subtitle] EVP
[our_values_title] OUR VALUES

We Do The Right Thing

We care about our impact on the world, and with a heritage in hardwoods, it’s our responsibility to support and respect the environment we depend on. We are FSE Certificate holders and supporters of the Woodland Trust, helping to protect, restore and replant the country’s woodlands.

We Care

We work to build lasting relationships, and lasting solutions. That means we create a bespoke system for every client.

We Are Curious

We bring intelligence and questioning to our design and creation process, revisiting and reinventing our craft to deliver extraordinary and innovative systems. After all, every business is different.


We Are Open To Challenge

We believe that the only way to land on the best possible solution is to challenge every aspect of our approach. For that reason, we work collaboratively with our clients to exceed the expectations and aspirations set by them, as well as ourselves.

We Deliver Excellence

Excellence is in our DNA, and we take meticulous care to maintain the same high standard through every aspect of our business. We would rather turn a project down than compromise on quality.

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Belong to the Craster Story

We aim to promote a sense of belonging that transcends all else, where every Craster team member shares a dedication to excellence, innovation and social responsibility, and a commitment to equality for all.

Our team are innovators from all walks of life who have a shared love of community and delivering excellence. We would love for you to join us.



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